_ HCL commerce

HCL Commerce provides a powerful customer interaction platform for omni-channel commerce.  

It can be used by companies of all sizes and for many different industries.  

It provides easy-to-use tools for business users to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy. Business users can create and manage: 

  • precision marketing campaigns,  
  • promotions,  
  • catalog,  
  • and merchandising across all sales channels,  
  • or use integrated all enabled content management capabilities.  

HCL Commerce is a single, unified platform that offers the ability to do business: 

  • directly with consumers (B2C),  
  • directly with businesses (B2B).  

HCL Commerce is a customizable, scalable, and high availability solution that is built to use open standards. It uses cloud friendly technology to make deployment and operation easy and efficient.