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Advanced Analytics

All about our biggest passion. It is in our DNA. Although often manipulated, abused and complex topic we are here to give you a hand. Simple and easy. We will use various techniques and tools to get deeper insights, provide predictions, or generate recommendations. Machine learning, text mining, deep learning, patterns, predictions etc. simple as that.


DataWarehouse modernization and BigData

DataWarehouse modernization takes many forms. … However, data types and data velocities are diversifying aggressively, so data modernization progressively involves into something new but different. DataWarehouse topics and practices are today evolving, extending, and modernizing, to support new technology and business requirements, as well as to prove its continued relevance in the age of big data and analytics. We are here to help you to successfully bridge existing base with augmentation, automation, and optimization.

Data Governance

All about data. How you manage and leverage. Where, who, what and how. We can take you from an evolution from informal rules to formal control. More than ever, data governance is vital for companies to remain responsive.


Optimization and Industry 4.0

Sometimes unimaginably complex and demanding topic simply become simple and doable. There are many topics to cover in modern world of digitalization. Data driven approach is essential to provide meaningful actions in production and logistics. We are here to consult, design, develop, execute and deliver.

Customer Engagement Platforms

Your customers expect personal, consistent and relevant interaction with you. They have endless options, so it’s critical that they stay enthusiastic and feel supported throughout their entire experience with your business. This is where Customer Engagement Platforms come in. We will incorporate sophisticated analytical power into their journeys to accommodate your and their success. We are here to help you out.


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